Frequently Asked Questions

Product Q & A
Q: What are export sets and why do people buy them?
A: Export sets are usually cheaper. Some models may also be available before they are launched locally. Export sets are sold as-is and without warranty.

Q: What are agent sets?
A: Agent sets are directly obtained from local distributors. These phones may sometimes carry an operator's logo/seal (due to the distributor's commercial arrangement with operators).The respective manufacturer of the   phones will provide warranty to the customers.

Q: Why are different used products of the same model priced differently?
A: There are various factors affecting the prices of used products such as physical condition, age, warranty and if it comes complete with full set of accessories and its original box. Please call us to find out more about a particular product.

Q: Is there international warranty?
A: Warranty is assumed to be local unless explicitly specified. Most products do not come with international warranty.

Trading-in / Selling Q & A
Q: What do you require for a trade-in?
A: We will require the phone and all original accessories that came with the phone. If there are missing accessories or an expired warranty, the value of the phone may be reduced. We will also need an ID - NRIC, Passport or similar. This is required by the Singapore Police Force to deter and track mobile phone theft.

Payment Q & A
Q: Do you charge GST?
A: Yes, we do. The prices quoted online is inclusive of 7% GST.

Q: Do you offer GST refund?
A: Yes, we do. GST refund is provided for foreigners leaving the country with the goods purchased and have paid GST for their purchases.
Please email to us if you need to have your GST refunded if your purchase is made online. Alternatively, you may have your GST refund slip processed in store in selected participating outlets. Please speak to our Sales Executives for more information.
(Note: GST refund payout will be paid to tourist at the airport, not in store. We only print out the refund slip for you to obtain your refund from the airport upon departure after you have declared your products to the custom office.)

Participating GST Refund Store
Eunos MRT Station
Admiralty MRT Station
Woodlands MRT Station
Jurong East MRT Station

Q: Are there any other hidden charges?
A: No, all our cash payment prices are listed as is. There are no hidden charges or gimmicks. You will get the phone and it's full original contents.

Q: Do you accept credit card payments?
A: Yes, we accept credit cards payments.

Q: Why is your selling price higher for credit card or NETS purchases?
A: The lowest price quoted online is after the discounts factored in for purchases made by cash or internet bank transfer. Please understand that as there are additional charges we have to bear if your mode of payment is through credit card or NETS. With our competitive pricing, we are not able to give the same discount like a Cash payment sales. This is why you see different pricing for the same product.

Q: Do you accept credit card installments?
A: Sorry, we do not accept credit card installment payments at the moment.

Q: Do you accept NETS or eNETS payments?
A: Yes and no. We do not have eNETS facility on our website, however if u prefer to pay by NETS, you may place your order online and make your way to any of our outlets to pay and collect your purchases. This way you may also save on shipping charges! Prices of items made with NETS payments are priced 1.5% higher than cash purchases as the discounts offer to NETS purchase will be lesser.